First Dog on the Moon: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

First Dog on the Moon
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The internet. There is so much of it and most of it is awful and even the good bits are still the internet. If I didn’t have to look at it for my job I am confident I would never give it another thought, I would throw my router in the sea. Then all the cartoons would be about things like “what I had for breakfast” and “First Dog Wonders what is happening on the Internet”. I have internet poisoning.

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These are not the 10 funniest things on the internet. They’re not even the 10 things I think are the 10 funniest things on the internet. They’re the only ones I could remember. Imagine having an easily accessible record of everything that ever happened on earth and you can’t remember what is funny on it. That’s the internet for you.

1. The Martians encounter a telephone

Sesame Street was a very funny show and very humour-formative for me. Jim Henson and Frank Oz and Jo Raposo were/are geniuses in my humble opinion.

This bit is disarmingly timeless (except for the phone).

2. United States of Whatever

I loved Sifl and Olly. This is so old now I had to check and see if it was racist or not. Not because I thought it was racist but so many things turned out to be terrible. It’s not racist as far as I can tell although I’m an Australian cartoonist so I’m hardly an expert.

3. Immortal dog!

4. Roger Ramjet and Alfonso Ape

Humour can be a very personal thing and the laughter gag at 2:22 in this video is simply one of the funniest things I have ever encountered in my clearly not very interesting life.

Oit oit oit.

5. Hyperbole and a Half: This is why I’ll never be an adult

Allie Brosh is fantastic. She is gormless and absurd and poignant.

These are all American. Interesting.

6. Hark! A Vagrant: Nemesis

Kate Beaton is not American but she is my favourite cartoonist and she is on the internet so there you go. She is not doing Hark A Vagrant anymore which is sad but hey.

7. The Katering Show


8. Kelly the Onion’s editorial cartoonist

Not funny at all. Also hilarious. A terrifying pisstake of some of the worst tropes of political cartooning. A brutal skewering of editorial cartooning and there is no greater horror than finding one of your own lazy shortcuts in these cartoons.

9. This goose

This goose pulled on a chicken’s tail feathers and got upset when the chicken fought back.

10. Not this tweet – but what it is talking about

People often say “you must have a lot of material”. There is a lot of material but how do you … what would I … I mean look at it! Look at the state of it!

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