This First Class Seat on Etihad Is Basically an Apartment — and You Can Now Book It on a NYC Flight

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<p>Hywell Waters/Courtesy of Etihad Airways</p>

Hywell Waters/Courtesy of Etihad Airways

One of the most opulent ways to fly in the sky is back — think a three-room suite in first class and a bar and lounging area on a double-decker jet.

On Monday, Etihad Airways brought its Airbus A380 back into service on one of two of its daily flights between New York and Abu Dhabi. The aircraft, which was set to retire amid the pandemic, will now connect U.S. travelers to hundreds of destinations worldwide via Etihad’s world-class terminal, known as one of T+L readers’ favorite international airports.

What distinguishes Etihad from other international carriers in the world is a cabin that’s even better than first class known as “The Residence.” Beyond champagne and caviar, this first-class-above-first-class product has a private living room, bedroom, and ensuite bathroom, accommodating up to two passengers.

<p>Courtesy of Etihad Airways</p>

Courtesy of Etihad Airways

<p>Courtesy of Etihad Airways</p>

Courtesy of Etihad Airways

“We want to ensure guests arrive in the Big Apple feeling refreshed and at ease,” CEO of Etihad, Antonoaldo Neves, shared in a statement. “This commitment is crucial for all our travelers, not least our corporate clients who rely on us for business travel, and we have timed our A380 services so customers arrive in New York or Abu Dhabi in time to make good use of the business day, or for their onward connections.”

Etihad offers four distinct cabin classes onboard the aircraft to ensure maximum comfort for the 13-hour journey. Even back in economy, where there are more than 400 seats, passengers have their personal inflight entertainment screens and fixed headrests. 

There are 70 lie-flat business class seats onboard located on the upper deck of the aircraft, where premium cabin passengers have access to a bar and lounging area. In first class, there are just nine fully enclosed pods with a separate ottoman that turns into an impressive 80-foot bed and access to the private shower room onboard.

Travelers can find the A380 on Etihad’s service departing New York at 3:30 p.m. and arriving at 12:30 p.m. the next day in Abu Dhabi. On the return, the flight departs at 3:10 a.m. and lands in New York at 9:30 a.m. 

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