Filming Begins For Martin’s Spec Drama Pilot, ‘YOUNG CREED’ Nicholson, Adkins, Fontanez, & Rose Set to Star

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In a time where content truly is king, and viewers are constantly searching for their next great binge, major networks, and dominant streamers could plunge upwards of $6 million into a single episode of your favorite TV show.

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While finding that new series to resonate with both the providers' brand and their audience taste, the saying "You don't have to reinvent the wheel" has lead to some of Hollywood's biggest wins. And that same saying is exactly what the newly announced spec drama pilot, "Young Creed," hopes to win by.

Rumors first circled across social media about the 'boxing series' possibility in April, but we can now confirm cameras started rolling the first week of October. Set in the world of Ryan Coogler's film series, "Creed," the spin-off of Sylvester Stallone's six-film blockbuster franchise, "Rocky," "Young Creed" focuses on a young, disgruntled, 13-year-old as he battles life through group homes, juvenile detention, family, and discovering his true purpose through boxing.

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Hoping to entertain an already eager, loyal "Creed" fan base, Timothy Martin was inspired to pen/executive produce the pilot not only to pay homage to Coogler's unique take on the film franchise but create a story that gives youth all across the world a sense of hope that no matter what disparities they are up against, if you find a purpose, you can see yourself out of some of the darkest moments.

The heavy drama series, not solely focused on boxing, will explore the ups and downs of a kid who was dealt a bad hand while also exploring the family downfalls of drug abuse, child trauma. A show with great range, highly focused on story, "Young Creed" has tapped Phoenix Nicholson, Michael Adkins, Mckayla Fontanez, and Marcc Rose to lead the series.

Phoenix Nicholson, 10, will take on the role of 'Christian Burns.' (Young Creed) A young, angry adolescent who pushes his way through his most brutal battles. Michael Adkins has been tapped to play 'Tone,' the passionate trainer who discovers Burns outside his gym. Mckayla Fontanzez, the caring sister of Christian Burns, will portray the role of 'Andrea Burns.' Marcc Rose, the counselor and mentor to the youth in juvenile, will bring us 'Rog.'

"At a time where content is coming at us quicker than we can watch it, story-focused, character-driven series is what's finding that success in the new landscape of fast television," Martin says.

While the purpose of "Young Creed" is to excite an audience and keep the "Creed" brand alive with a new take on it, exciting both Coogler and Stallone is a goal for everyone involved in bringing this story to life.

A first look of "Young Creed" is said to be released late October, but with something so precious, timing is vital.

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