New Fiction Book That Dramatizes the Journey of Self-Discovery Becomes a Hit With Those on a Spiritual Journey

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Motivated by his fans’ comments, Seth Mullins, author of The Authors Of This Dream, continues to work on his Edge Of The Known series. Drawing from his own experience when confronting beliefs, Mullins created the arc of the main character Brandon Chane.

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When interviewed more about his own spiritual journey, Mullins adds: “Beliefs about reality seem to be self-evident. The power of belief creates the ‘evidence’ that then seems to prove that our convictions are true”. Like a self-defeating belief, if one believes that he or she will fail before he/she begins then it is likely that the endeavor will end up in failure. What’s truly special is the author’s decision not to write a typical non-fiction self-help book, but instead condense his learnings and then express them using fictional storytelling. The author believes that fictional works can illuminate one’s inner life because when an idea that is deeply planted in a person’s mind takes seed, that leads to self motivation and persistent action beyond what a simple motivational talk can achieve.

On top of drawing from his own spiritual journey, Mullins merges his real life experience as a performing musician to create the story’s protagonist. In the book, Chane meets Saul, a therapist, who’s described as “a crisis counselor with the soul of a medicine man.” Saul goes on to help Chane by allowing him to realise that he is the creator of his own experience. In reality, the message that Saul shares with Chane is the same message that Mullins wants to share with us - that we are all creators of our own experiences.

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This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to explore their spiritual side. While many spiritual books may focus on that “one path” towards finding yourself, like the many rigid and dogmatic spiritual teachers that the author has encountered over the years, Mullins wants to help readers expand their senses and realise that there is a path for them that may not require following rigidly in others’ paths. After all, if the idea of searching for spirituality is to free ourselves then why should we confine ourselves in the dogmatic teachings of others?

Interested readers can search for ‘The Authors Of This Dream’ on Amazon in order to purchase it. Seth Mullins, a poet and a musician, is the author of the “Edge of the Known” series, which began with “The Authors of this Dream” being released on May 11, 2021. To find out more about Mullins, head to his website at His fiction vividly dramatizes journeys of self-discovery and emotional catharsis. Inspired by inner explorations, including dream-work and shamanism, Seth is unafraid to take an inward plunge and shares the fruits of his descent with his audience.

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