A few tips to introduce music to your kid

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A few tips to introduce music to your kid
A few tips to introduce music to your kid

01 Oct 2021: A few tips to introduce music to your kid

Music has a special place in this world. Some say it relieves stress, while others assert it gives energy, creates joy, and motivates. That's the power of music. It is imperative that a child learns to make music a part of his/her life and you don't have to be a professional musician or singer to inculcate this habit. We help you with some tips.

Tip #1: Listen to music during gestation, continue singing lullabies

Mothers sing to put their newborns to sleep, but that's not how music gets introduced to your tiny tot. That's right! If you hear music during gestation, that's when your little one gets acquainted with tunes. So, make music a part of his/her life right at that time. And don't stop singing lullabies - let music be a constant around them.

Tip #2: Encourage your child to dance along with the tunes

Dance, like music, is an art and their combination is magical. Even if you are not into dancing, make slow movements with your child. This way the young one will automatically tap their feet when a rhythmic song plays. Also, watch a music video where there are dance steps that a child can easily copy. Allow your child to move and enjoy.

Tip #3: Some tools at home can form part of your band

Seasoned artists find music in every single thing around them. They can, in fact, create something out of even a spoon and plate. Allow your kid to beat on steel plates, plastic drums using a wooden stick or a spoon and find a rhythm. Some kids simply click their fingers and make some sounds with their mouths. Don't stop them from doing it.

Uses: Why should you introduce music to your kids?

Music helps your kids develop their sensory functions. His/her brain becomes sharper when several concepts are fed in. That's where music wins. Music can also be used as a remedy to overcome stress, which will help them during high-pressure times. Some kids prefer music as a medium to express. If you are intertested, enroll your child to a music training school from age four.

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