Feng Shaofeng denies cheating rumours

13 Aug – Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng has recently released a statement denying that he has cheated on wife Zanilia Zhao with other women.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked last week, when a message exchange between a Chengdu-based Weibo user known as Plimoly and her friend surfaced online.

In the exchange, Plimoly told the friend that she has started a relationship with a married man - whom she nicknamed "fsf" - who felt trapped and unhappy with his marriage. The friend then referred to the wife as Zhao Liyin - a name that sounded similar to Zanilia's Chinese name.

The person in question later clarified on Weibo that "fsf" is not short for Feng Shaofeng, though the rumour had by then circulated the internet.

Feng has released a statement via his work studio, denying that the screenshot of the exchange had nothing to do with him and that the content was false. He also dismissed the idea that he had improper relationship with other women.

The studio also stressed that they will continue to pay attention to the issue and had entrusted lawyers to handle the case.

(Photo Source: Feng Shaofeng Weibo)