Fei Yu-ching talks about missing out on father's last day

Heidi Hsia

29 Sep - A few hours after Chang Fei's interview about Fei Yu-ching's absence from his father's deathbed, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter released a statement to express his thoughts about it.

As reported on Epoch Times, the statement, which was released on 25 September, read: "Because of my brother's consideration, I was informed about my father's passing after my work was done. While the news was sad, I take comfort in knowing that my father passed away peacefully."

"As an artiste, I shouldn't show [my sadness] in front of my audience. I will remember all of my father's teachings and expectation and stay positive. But he will always be in my thoughts," he added.

In a previous interview, Chang Fei admitted that he didn't tell Fei about their father's death on 21 September until the singer completed his work, saying that it was his father's wish that Fei could honour the contract he signed as an artiste.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)