Fast Food Workers Reveal What You Should Never Order at Their Restaurants

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Never Order These Things at a Fast Food Restaurant

There's no denying that, at times, fast food can be pretty gross. But some of it is definitely more gross than the norm. And now, thanks to some fast food workers posting on Reddit, the not-so-nice insider secrets have been revealed. We sifted through several threads to see which menu items are the worst culprits. And it's not just a case of funny food fails or horror stories like employees using utensils to style their hair in the kitchen—some of these tips are really practical. Like, if you're in a big rush, chicken might not be your best bet.

Keep in mind that many of these restaurants are franchises. And not every franchise has the same rules or standards, although some would argue "don't order tuna" at a fast food restaurant is a hard-and-fast rule regardless of where you go.

Steak n Shake

"I worked at Steak n Shake for a while. Pretty much the only thing I'd never order is a BLT. You're paying like $6 for two pieces of toast and two strips of bacon. The problem is that the BLT is supposed to be made with 4 strips of bacon (8 pieces when broken in half) but nobody does this, usually due to managers trying to invisibly cut costs." — AdronScyther

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