Farid Kamil: We've been back together since 31 August



18 Sep – While Diana Danielle has not given any detailed information regarding their reconciliation, Farid Kamil is happy to reveal that they have actually rekindled their marriage on Merdeka Day.

Speaking to the media about the ruju', which is the Muslim way of returning to the original state of marriage without the requirement of a new solemnisation of marriage, Farid said that it was done three weeks after the divorce was finalised.

"With God's permission, our marriage was saved. The past experience has made us more mature. As a husband, I have to guide my wife and my wife has to strengthen her knowledge about religion in order to guide our children," he said.

In a previous interview, Diana admitted that the two decided to get back together for the sake of their two children, Muhammad and Aurora.

The couple finalised their divorce back on 10 August, five months after Diana filed for divorce in March. The news came as a surprise to many fans, as the two didn't seem to show any marital issue prior to the decision.


Diana admitted that reconciliation was for the children's sake
Diana admitted that reconciliation was for the children's sake


(Photo Source: Diana Danielle IG)