Farid Kamil misses his family

28 Mar – Following the surprising news that Diana Danielle has filed for divorce from Farid Kamil, the latter recently took to social media to express how much he misses his family.

On 26 March, the actor shared a video from his previous visit to the Holy Cities of Mekah and Madinah with Diana and their two children, writing, "How I missed them, O Allah. Please tell them, God, as I couldn't do it."

In another video, he posted, "Praise be to Allah... Everything will be fine.. God willing.. Remember. Verily, to God belongs what is in the heavens and the earth. God's promise is sure, but most people don't know."

Fans and social media followers alike took to the comments to express encouragement for Farid, with many saying that the actor should continue with his efforts to win his wife back. Some also still expressed surprise over the news of their marital woe, with one saying that it was just last February that they saw Farid and his family performing the tawaf in the Masjidil Haram.

In previous reports, it was revealed that Farid has not been able to see his two children since Diana filed for divorce on 10 March, citing irreconcilable difference and shiqaq (irretrievable breakdown of the marriage).

The couple have been married for 11 years
The couple have been married for 11 years

(Photo Source: Farid Kamil IG, Diana Danielle IG)