Fan Bingbing: This trough is a good thing!

5 Aug – Fan Bingbing recently regarded her tax evasion scandal and the subsequent aftermath to her career as "a good thing" for her to go through.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who admitted to have gone through months of difficulties after she was found guilty of evading tax, recently told the New York Times, "It may be a trough I encountered in my life or in my work, but this trough is actually a good thing."

"It has made me calm down and think seriously about what I want to do in my future life," she added.

Calling her comeback as a "crossroads", Fan admitted that it is impossible to have the best of everything, but that she is ready to face it all, no matter the situation.

"There are regrets, pain and fragility. But I still feel that I need to keep on living," she said.

It was the middle of 2018 when news broke that Fan had been guilty of the practice of "yin yang" contract - in which a celebrity signed two different contracts with one revealing the actual payment and the other a much lower salary in order to avoid paying hefty taxes to the government.

After many of her dramas and films being either halted or banned from showing, Fan is now determined to make her full comeback, with her biggest project to be the Hollywood all-female spy movie, "355".

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)