Fan Bingbing: My brother is doing well on his own

Heidi Hsia

13 Mar – Chinese actress Fan Bingbing assures that everything is fine with younger brother Fan Chengcheng, who is currently competing in the reality show, "Idol Producer".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who was asked about the younger Fan's previous confession that he is under pressure for being a brother of a top star, stated that the aspiring singer is doing well on his own.

"He is actually very happy and cheerful when he's at home," she said.

In a previous episode of the show, Fan Chengcheng also performed a cover of Block B's "Very Good", but rewrote the lyrics to express how he felt about the speculations concerning his birth.

The topic of Fan Chengcheng's identity has been a subject of rumours for a while now. Since he was born 19 years younger than Fan, many speculated that they were not really siblings as they claimed to be.

Fan has denied the rumours time and time again, which is why she was annoyed when the Hong Kong media asked her again about the rumours.

"I won't answer it. I have already answered this many times," she said.

When asked if she feels helpless with the constant suspicion about their relationship, Fan said, "It's not helplessness. It's just a rude question."

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)