Famous New Udon Mookata relocates from Golden Mile Complex to Jalan Besar

Golden Mile Complex will be closing its doors after nearly 50 years of serving as “Little Thailand” to Singapore. In May 2022, when news about the building’s change of ownership broke loose, many wondered what was going to happen to the tenants in the building. One of the many popular eateries, New Udon Mookata, has confirmed its relocation to 119 Lavender Street, which will happen in April 2023.

I can only imagine the fears and anxieties of the tenants as they look for new locations to move to, or potentially close their shutters for good. Well, the good news is that New Udon Mookata is not only relocating, but they’ve already opened a second outlet at Hoa Nam Building along Foch Road! News of the opening of their second outlet was released in May 2022, shortly after the en bloc sale of Golden Mile Complex was announced.

New Udon Mookata 1

On 4 Jan 2023, a sign placed at New Udon Mookata’s entrance stated their new location, and this sparked excitement within the many regulars that patronise them.

New Udon Mookata 2

They are one of the stores that face the entrance of the building. New Udon Mookata is perpetually packed with people, so it’s difficult to get a seat quickly. However, their ingredients are deliciously marinated and freshly served, so it’s totally worth the wait.

New Udon Mookata 3

A 2 person set costs S$45. Some might say that it isn’t the most affordable option around the block, while some will argue that it is comparably better than many other mookata places. The set consists of 2 different types of meat including garlic chicken, fresh prawns and liver. It is quite a value-for-money combination, especially with their huge portions which can probably feed 3!

They also serve authentic Thai milk tea and beers to complete your whole Thailand experience.

Not to mention the fact that New Udon Mookata also offers no pork no lard options, which is incredibly rare in most mookata restaurants. They basically replace pork lard with butter and do not grill pork on their pots.

Although the restaurant bears good news, I can’t help but feel sad about the closure of the building. It really mimicked a whole set-up of Thailand in our little Singapore, and even built a community of regulars of its own.

Well, all good things must come to an end. We’ll see you at Lavender, New Udon Mookata!

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