Famous Korean fried chicken brand BHC Chicken will finally be here in Singapore, coming 26 Apr 2023

Even before the popular Korean drama Business Proposal, many folks worldwide loved Korean fried chicken. Prepare yourselves, as the famous BHC Chicken will have a physical store at Marina Square coming 26 Apr 2023!

BHC Chicken — ad

With the crunch of the batter and that incredible flavour, what is there not to love? Seeing as how BHC Chicken has over 1,000 outlets in South Korea with 1 outlet in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, many thought so too! Now, Singapore will be joining the hype, being BHC Chicken’s fourth international outlet.

Standing for Better & Healthier Choice, BHC Chicken’s fried chicken is said to be fried in sunflower oil, which is significantly healthier than regular oil. Low in saturated fat, I believe that this may be the answer many health-conscious Singaporeans are looking for!

BHC Chicken — Speculated Chicken flavours

Although the menu has not been formally released, ConfirmGood speculates that popular items like the original Bburinkle ChickenMacho King and Gold King are to be expected.

Coated in a cheese and vegetable seasoning powder, the classic option Bburinkle Chicken will never go wrong. Macho King, on the other hand, will appeal to those who love deeper flavours, as it has an aged soy sauce and honey-based oriental sauce. Gold King will cater to the sweet tooths, lathered in a combination of Korean sweet soy sauce, sweet honey and garlic!

BHC Chicken — Sotteok

The sides to be anticipated excites me, as it features unique items such as Bburing Sotteok and Red Sotteok that both look extremely appetising. Cheese Balls, said to be a crowd favourite, is confirmed to be on Singapore’s menu as well.

BHC Chicken — Mains

What is a Korean place without some tantalising Korean mains? BHC Chicken will be providing popular favourites like SamgyetangKimchi Fried Rice and even Tteokbokki. BHC Chicken seems like the perfect place to settle those Korean fried chicken cravings!

As if that was not enough to excite you, BHC Chicken is giving away Eat for Free Vouchers, each having a value of S$100 on Instagram. Head on to their page to see how to win via their giveaway contest post, it would be a grieving loss to not try!

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