Famous Ji Ji Noodle House, serving Michelin-recommended wanton mee, closes temporarily till further notice

Wanton noodles are a simple dish that can’t go wrong. That’s probably why it has been ingrained in the Singaporean diet since forever. At Ji Ji Noodle House, a stall that has been running for generations, they’ve likewise set their hearts out on making wanton mee for every generation.

Well, I come bearing troubling news as Ji Ji Noodle House will be closing for a while due to a family member undergoing an operation. The famous stall at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre has alerted the public about their short break since 17 Feb 2023.

Ji Ji Noodle House 1
Ji Ji Noodle House 1

The stall is currently owned by a third-generation owner, Kristen Choong, who has pledged to serve wanton mee “the way (her) grandparents served it”, keeping the same texture of chewy eggy noodles, just like in the olden days. These aren’t your typical noodles that you’ll find in any hawker or food court in the area, I mean, they are listed in the Michelin Guide for a reason.

I have a certain fondness for old-school food available in Singapore, especially the good ones. And I’m sure the whole of Singapore agrees that this particular stall has been serving one of the best ones. Well, not to worry, you’ll be enjoying the bowl soon enough once Kristen’s mother, Madam Lai, is well again. The official reopening date will be shortly uploaded on their social media pages.

Ji Ji Noodle House 2

A Facebook post was uploaded by regular patrons with pictures of the closed stall with a note pasted in the centre. The signage stated: “mom had a big fall”. Unfortunately, Madam Lai, the second-generation owner, will be undergoing medical treatment for the time being. Hence, the owners of Ji Ji Noodle House will be away to take care of her till she recuperates.

Those who’ve been loyal customers at their stall will be familiar with who she is. They’ve opened since 1965, so I’m sure many of us are familiar with her devoted spirit and attitude.

Ji Ji Noodle House 3
Ji Ji Noodle House 3

I am sure it won’t be that long that we’ll get to taste this amazing institutional dish again. May I say that it is very affordable for its prices too? For S$4.50, you’ll get a Signature Ji Ji Noodle Bowl brimming with meat and wantons inside. They also have S$5.50/S$6.60/S$8.60 options— just imagine an XL version of whatever you’re already getting!

Clearly, more is more. From generation to generation, they’ve been doing a good job at keeping customers happy with their large portions and we can see that ourselves with their alarming long queues during lunch hour.

With that said, thank you Ji Ji Noodle House for working so hard to feed our bellies. Wishing Madam Lai a smooth operation and a speedy recovery!

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