Famous Hokkien mee stall Mian Wang 1971 opens 2nd outlet in Ang Mo Kio

Having been covered by a few food publications (including us!), Mian Wang 1971 holds the regard for being one of the best Hokkien mee places in Singapore. So, it is exciting news that they are now opening a second outlet in Ang Mo Kio as of 12 Apr 2023.

Despite having only 7 dishes on the menu, it did not make Mian Wang 1971’s popularity falter. Rather, the less-is-more concept really worked for them and they made Hokkien mee their specialty. Their Hokkien mee is also rather unique, being a wetter variation rather than the dry one we are used to seeing.

Mian Wang 1971 — Storefront

Mian Wang 1971 has been cooking up Hokkien mee since 1971 (obviously), so it’s been a solid 52 years of doing such. From the Google reviews, one can tell that their long operations has paid off in terms of good food!

As for the menu, the one at Ang Mo Kio is completely identical to the one at Bukit Batok. So, there’s no need to fear that you’ll miss out on what the original kitchen has to offer! This, of course, includes the peculiar Hokkien mee options the stall is known for.

Mian Wang 1971 — Noodles
Mian Wang 1971 — Noodles

The Salted Egg Calamari Hokkien Mee (S$6.50) is definitely unheard of, but it surprisingly works. Being incredibly aromatic and indulgent, the calamari had a rich buttery taste that was difficult to hate. It went incredibly well with the smoky savouriness of the Hokkien mee.

Another modernised Hokkien mee the stall offers would be the Sambal Balacan Hokkien Mee (S$6.50), which is said to pack quite the punch. It is a common happy comment that the squid and prawns are fresh, going immensely well with the main component of Hokkien mee.

Mian Wang 1971 — Hokkien Mee
Mian Wang 1971 — Hokkien Mee

Now, some of us don’t have to go all the way to Western Singapore to try what Mian Wang 1971 has to offer. The location is especially convenient, as it’s just a short distance from Ang Mo Kio MRT station.

It seems that Ang Mo Kio has gained another worthy addition to the neighbourhood. Be sure to stop by to see what’s the hype about! I know I definitely will, particularly for the Salted Egg Calamari Hokkien Mee.

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