Family business Lucky Lucky Catering & Restaurant closes after 34 years at Mosque Street

Lucky Lucky Catering & Restaurant, a family-run business along Mosque Street, has shuttered after 34 years of operations. The restaurant was known for serving traditional Hokkien food out of its humble store.

The restaurant made the announcement by posting in the Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 Facebook group on 8 Apr 2024. In the post, they revealed that the restaurant had ceased operations at Mosque Street on 22 Mar 2024.

lucky lucky catering & restaurant - storefront

The owners explained that the “rising rental rates and expenses” had made it difficult for the business to continue operating at its current location. Despite that, they added that they hoped to find a new space for them to resume the business and to hopefully serve their loyal customers once more.

They also encouraged their customers to keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for future updates and news if they do manage to reopen in a different location.

Lucky Lucky Catering & Restaurant operated out of a humble shophouse at 41 Mosque Street, where it garnered recognition for its homely taste and large portions. The restaurant notably had a huge menu, consisting of over 80 dishes.

Zi char staples included meat dishes like Coffee Pork Ribs (from S$12), Shrimp Paste Chicken (from S$12) and Sweet and Sour Pork (from S$12).

lucky lucky catering & restaurant - storefront

Seafood options included Crab Meat with Fish Maw (from S$20), Stir-fry Onion & Ginger Frog Legs (from S$17), Claypot Fish Head with Yam (from S$17) and Cereal Prawns (from S$17).

The restaurant also offered a huge variety of rice and noodle dishes in individual and sharing portions— from common zi char items like Yang Zhou Fried Rice (from S$6) and Seafood Hor Fun (from S$6) to more unique additions such as Pig Trotter Vermicelli (S$12) and Stir-fry Glass Noodles (from S$7), Lucky Lucky Catering & Restaurant had something for everyone.

Hopefully, the owners are able to find a suitable new location soon.

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