De Fam dismisses negative connotation of "Alamak Raya Lagi!"

17 Apr – De Fam has dismissed the negative notion that some seem to have over their hit song, "Alamak Raya Lagi!", which has even become a hit in neighbouring countries.

Member Sophia Liana, who co-wrote the song, denied the idea that the lyrics go against the real intention of Muslims celebrating Eid, saying that it was just a song about the hectic nature when it comes to the preparations for the day.

"You can even see from the music video that it is about something that has never been talked before, which is frenzied and frantic nature, the commotion that comes with preparing for Eid. No need to think too deep about the song. It's nothing more than entertainment," she said.

Sophia Liana is one of the writers of the song
Sophia Liana is one of the writers of the song

Sophia also said that the lyrics were inspired by what had happened back in 2022, when the whole country was surprised by the sudden announcement of Eid, causing many to return to their hometown in droves while others working in the kitchen until late at night to prepare food for the next day.

As for the song going viral outside Malaysia, the trio expressed elation and gratitude, especially after finding out that the song made it to Spotify's 50 most popular songs in Indonesia, and sparked a viral dance trend across Asia.

(Photo Source: De Fam IG, Sophia Liana IG)