Fadzil Zahari admits surprised by Farid Kamil's marital issue

29 Mar – Farid Kamil's brother Fadzil Zahari admitted that it wasn't just the public who were surprised by the marital issue of the actor and wife Diana Danielle, as even he and the whole family knew nothing about it.

"We were surprised as well upon reading the news... since there was no hint [of a problem] at all. So, we asked our mother to contact Kamil to give him some comfort," he said.

Fadzil, who is married to actress Yana Samsudin, stated that he last saw his brother a month ago.

"We had a normal conversation. All we could do is to give him support. Like recently, he said that he missed the kids. As his brother, my wife Yana and I can only motivate him," Fadzil added.

On the other hand, Yana stated that they never mentioned the issue to Farid unless the actor asks for advice.

"As a family, we are his support system. We have to be positive," she added.

It is noted that Farid has refused to grant Diana a divorce, following her decision to apply under the reason of irreconcilable difference and shiqaq (irretrievable breakdown of the marriage).

Diana has been keeping mum about her action since it made headlines, and has also turned off the comment section on her Instagram account.

Farid recently admitted to missing his family
Farid recently admitted to missing his family

(Photo Source: Farid Kamil IG, Fadzil Zahari IG)