Who to expect on 'Idol Producer', China's unofficial Produce 101 clone

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Chinese online video platform iQiyi is set to launch a new talent survival reality show, “Idol Producer”, which will feature several top K-pop stars from China and Hong Kong.

In addition to Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao and Chinese-American rapper MC Jin, “Idol Producer” has also gotten several Chinese K-pop idols to appear on the show as ‘mentors’.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang, EXO’s Lay, Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao, Pristin’s Jieqiong are all slated to appear on the show, which will start airing on 19 January. Veteran producer Ge Fu Hong, who was behind acts like F4 and Jolin Tsai, will also be a part of the show, iQiyi said in its press release.

Fan Bing Bing’s younger brother, Fan Cheng Cheng, is also rumoured to be among the contestants. The younger Fan was recently confirmed to be an idol trainee in Korea under Yuehua Entertainment, a Beijing-based entertainment company.

The show’s format is heavily influenced by a similar talent show in South Korea, titled “Produce 101”, which had already spawned popular K-pop groups such as I.O.I and Wanna One.

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