EXILE's ATSUSHI updates health condition after carbon monoxide poisoning

29 Sep - After previously taking a break following carbon monoxide poisoning, EXILE's lead singer ATSUSHI recently updated fans with his health situation via social media.

On 27 September, the singer announced on a livestream that he suffers from Meniere's disease following the said poisoning, and that it caused him severe vertigo and ringing in his ears.

ATSUSHI admitted that he does feel quite down as a result of the disease.

Aside from that, the singer said that he has also been diagnosed with Lyme disease and is now being treated for that.

"I heard that treatment for this disease is very long, and it takes two to three years to be completely cured. I hope to face this matter head on, and that you will support me," he expressed.

It is noted that ATSUSHI's company announced that he was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning back in April, and that he would be taking a break before his concert in June.

However, the singer had to cancel his tour soon after as his physical condition was not recovered enough to undergo such strain that comes with touring.

The singer announced his condition back in April
The singer announced his condition back in April

(Photo Source: EXILE ATSUSHI IG)