Is excessive use of antibiotics causing harm to you?

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Is excessive use of antibiotics causing harm to you?
Is excessive use of antibiotics causing harm to you?

05 Oct 2021: Is excessive use of antibiotics causing harm to you?

Nowadays, whenever we consult a doctor for flu, fever, common cold, or other infections, we are usually prescribed antibiotics. Usually, the entire course lasts for five to seven days and it is highly recommended for you to complete the same, otherwise, it will do you more harm than good. But, isn't excessive use of antibiotics proving to be a dangerous trend? Read on.

Details: But first, what is defined as overuse of antibiotics?

Overuse of antibiotics is described as a situation when the pills are given despite no need. To give clarity, antibiotics are for bacterial infections, not viral infections. To note, intake of antibiotics for a viral infection might kill the useful bacteria in your body. Also, not every bacterial infection demands antibiotics and some can be taken care of by using probiotics and home remedies.

Side effects: Bacteria causing infection may develop antibiotic resistance going ahead

If you are given antibiotics in excessive amounts, your body or the bacteria in your body can become unresponsive to that medicine going ahead. These bacteria become antibiotic-resistant, paving way for more serious infections like skin infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, infection of sinuses and ears, and meningitis among others. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also raised an alarm regarding this.

Good move: Parents should try home remedies to treat their children

When it comes to children, it is imperative not to go for antibiotics for every single sneeze or cough. A kid suffers from cold some 10 times within the first two years. So, if antibiotics are used every single time, once adults, nothing may work on them. Parents should first try things like giving warm vapor, ginger-basil leaves mixture, and other home remedies.

Information: Steps to take to avoid excessive use of antibiotics

This is what you can do to prevent antibiotic overuse: -Discuss with your doctor about the type of infection and ask them if lighter medications would work. -Milder illnesses, mostly caused by viruses, will leave your body within some 10 days. So, let them run their course. -Finish off the entire antibiotic course within the stipulated time. -Do not take more doses than prescribed.

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