Everything That You Should Know About Yuliana Grasman

Yuliana Grasman is a power-packed woman with a multi-talented personality. This world knows her as one of the fine actresses of the UAE. However, she has another side too. Apart from being a talented actress, Grasman is the founder of the Nissan brand. The car is popular and recognized in numerous countries of this world.

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The lady takes immense pride in being associated with the automobile industry. Moreover, she is an inspirational vlogger today who inspired thousands of people with her life story and beneficial advices, online courses shared through her social media. You can check out amazing models of cars and gaming content based in the GCC and the Middle East. Therefore, it will not be wrong to call her a mixed bag. She bagged several awards throughout her career and is continuing to gather praises with all her recent projects.

Excellent Performances In Various Shows :

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Yuliana was one of the participants of Emirates Motorplex and Liwa Truck Pulling Festivals. Not for the first time she won the Liwa Truck competition. The Nissan Patrol Queen owns two patrol cars under the brand. She was the first one to become tafheet drifter, she did freestyle drift with 4x4. Besides, in the Middle East, Grasman presented and ran the first-ever Mercedes truck with the feature of Allison transmission.

She also formed part of the off-road Drive campaign. The excellent driver shared the experience of desert driving without using the right gear. Additionally, Grasman was the first woman to show such stunts with 4x4 cars. Grasman also got the freestyle drifting award from Sheikh Marwan Bin Rashid Al Muala. It is really interesting to mention that she was the first female in this segment ever.

Yuliana also the founder of Black Edition Empire with an outstanding car club with most of black cars. Only in the city of Dubai you can find more than 100 black cars in this respect. In the Middle Eastern portion of the world, she first lady founder of the mixed car club. During the preceding ten years, Grasman became champions in almost ten rally races. That was awestriking, indeed.


The Queen of Hajwalah is one of the titles for such an incredible contribution in the field of vehicles. She is one of the mastermind gamer streamers having a noteworthy fan-following. On top of that, the lovely lady enjoys the support of more than a million views on TikTok most of her videos. At Discord, she organized a fantastic online gaming event, especially for young gamers. It did an impressive job and gained a huge response from the public at large.

Keen Interest In Acting : Along with cars, Yuliana's acting career is also amazing. She starred in a suspense short film and portrayed the character while driving amidst the vast deserts. Many other short films came into her basket one by one, including ''Unbeatable Fighter," an Emirati feature film. People also praised her performance in the Bollywood movie "Zero", where she worked with Shahrukh Khan.

Regus, a metal band of UAE, launched the video album with her debut song, "Unknown Skies". In another music video on Afghanistan TV, Yuliana's appearance won so many hearts. Therefore, we can understand this highly intelligent lady is also creative in many aspects. Not just the songs, she is even the author of a book comprising 75 poems. The title of this book is " One Day."

The upcoming project of this distinctive personality is a documentary movie. It will be launched on the famous OTT platform, Netflix. The non-fictional film will be based on the whole life of Yuliana Gasman. Therefore, it is the first time that people will learn about the inner stories of the owner of Nissan Patrol black Edition. The celebrity already knows how impactful her presence is in the UAE movies and automobile industry. Therefore, she hopes that this biopic will influence every age-groups of society.

Gasman's psychology about cars and innovative ideas worked as an inspiration for millions of people. The primary motive of every episode of the series will be to make the youth aware of the safety guidelines for driving. Therefore, get a new tone to use the cars in a better manner. Only time will show how impactful the series becomes and helps many to succeed in life.