Every Single Thing We Know About 'Yellowjackets' Season 3

Everything We Know About 'Yellowjackets' Season 3Showtime

Months removed from the Yellowjackets season 2 finale, you may be asking yourself, Well, now what? The survivors (minus one) completed another hunt, Shauna is no longer about to be convicted of murder, and Lottie is getting the psychological help she needs. The end, right? Well, no. The Yellowjackets' grip on peace is tenuous at best, and there's still plenty of trouble on the horizon for anyone who thinks they can just go back to their normal lives.

Thanks to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, production on season 3 has been delayed. According to Deadline, Yellowjackets won't return until 2025. The writers room opened up this past September, but it'll take another year before we return to the wilderness. The good news, however, is that the Showtime series will hopefully be easier to watch once it arrives. Following Paramount and Showtime's merger this past fall, Yellowjackets will presumably be available to stream on Paramount+. Until our girls return, here's everything else about Yellowjackets that keeps us stirring at night.

What Happened in the Season 2 Finale?

At the close of the episode, Lottie has been once again committed to the psych ward, with Taissa and Van promising to check on her once the initial shock from what they've all done has worn off. But after watching her reality collapse around her, Lottie is more convinced than ever that the force they encountered in the wilderness is back. She believes that they're all safe now, since they've given the wilderness what it wanted: the blood of one of their own. But how long will the wilderness be sated before it demands more? It'll be interesting to see whether the survivors' lives are impacted for better or worse by Natalie's death—and how they interpret that as the will of the wilderness.

Shauna's plot also feels a little too neatly wrapped up. How long will Detective Matt keep covering up Kevyn Tan's death by lying about what really happened? Smarmy as he is, he's the only character left who is committed to revealing the truth, and he clearly has it in for Callie and her family. Plus, now the Sadeckis owe Walter. There's no telling when he'll come calling to make good on their debt. Will Misty side with her new boyfriend, or will she help her old teammate if things start to go sour? If the two schemers have a falling out, who ends up on top?

We still don't know, by the way, who sent the "Wish You Were Here" postcards from Season One. For a time it looked like it was Jeff, since he's the one who tried blackmailing a couple of the survivors, but now it doesn't seem like he knows anything about any postcards. Is there another survivor the remaining ones have missed? The show has yet to provide a final answer there, just like it seems to be dancing around the topic of Taissa's split identity. How does she know anything about the symbol carvings in the woods? Will her latent ability help her discover Coach Ben's toasty hideout, now that the cabin has burned down? She and Van are back together in the present, but with Van's terminal diagnosis and her recommitment to Lottie and her entity, she may likely draw Taissa's fugue self out more and more.

And what happens the next time the survivors find themselves in another sticky situation, and people start bringing up sacrifices? Will they draw cards and hold another hunt? We've seen how easily they donned their tree bark masks and took up weapons against their friend. Is this their new pattern? Perhaps the survivors will keep going after one another until there's only one left standing, finishing what they started in the woods thirty years ago. That would be pretty dark, but this is Yellowjackets we're talking about.

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