Every Home David and Victoria Beckham Have Owned Throughout Their Marriage

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It's safe to say that Victoria and David Beckham are celebrity royalty. After all, actual British royalty, in the form of none other than the late Queen Elizabeth II, was absolutely giddy every time she met David, so they're kind of a big deal. Even if you're not a fan of soccer (or football, for all our non-American readers), or you're not a Spice Girls wannabe, there's a huge chance you still recognize the couple's names from the news and Victoria, a.k.a. Posh's, eponymous fashion house. And those Beckham-curious who want to know more can now turn to Netflix's four-episode docuseries, Beckham, about the footballer's meteoric rise to worldwide fame. The show has everything—Fashion! Soccer! Extramarital dalliances!—but when it launched this fall, we couldn't help but focus on the houses where the Beckhams were filmed. (Hey, it's our job!)

While we have many a question about David's walk-in closet—he gave a mini tour of it at the beginning of episode four—our curiosity quickly ran toward looking into the couple's extensive real estate portfolio. Let us tell you: It's impressive. As you might imagine from a couple who skyrocketed to fame in the late 1990s and and are just as famous today, the pair have a long list of addresses in their roster. Read on to discover all of the homes David and Victoria have owned throughout their tenure as one of the world's most glamorous couple. You might even find yourself with some new real estate goals if you decide want to buy it like Beckham.

1996: David Beckham Buys Salford Bachelor Pad

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Though David bought this Salford home by himself, Victoria was a frequent visitor in the £150,000 pad. In a house tour the footballer gave in 1997 to Sky Sports presenter Rob McCaffery, David admitted that the pop star hung around even when she wasn't physically there, thanks to a bag of chips he kept in his pantry with her face plastered on it. Ah, young love!

Another thing we learned from this early acquisition: David has always had a thing for walk-in closets to store his many clothes and shoes. Though the one in this four-bedroom home was not nearly as organized as his current closet is, we can tell that David clearly has a strong fondness for fashion (probably one of the reasons why he and Victoria are together). Before the couple officially tied the knot in July of 1999, David sold the Manchester home for £190,000, and they made quite the upgrade when they moved.

1998: David and Victoria Buy a Flat in Cheshire

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Prior to selling David's first home and the couple celebrating their nuptials, the pair purchased a two-bedroom flat in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, for £317,000. This home sat within Oakwood House, a beautiful red brick mansion with enviable bay windows and rolling green gardens. Victoria was known to have an eye for interiors and designed the space with influences from around the world. A zebra print living room was possibly her best-known legacy from this home; the overall effect is very chic and glam with a lot of cream furniture and walls and a crystal chandelier.

In 1999, the couple welcomed their first son, Brooklyn Beckham, to the world and he spent his earliest years in this gorgeous home. However, possibly sensing that their family was to grow, the couple sold the flat in 2002 for £600,000.

1999: The Beckhams Buy "Beckingham Palace"

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If you needed any more proof that the family is basically royalty, let this be it. For £2.5 million, the Beckhams bought "Beckingham Palace," or Rowneybury House. The grounds were as grand as the press's nickname implied, reportedly boasting a maze, an in-ground swimming pool, and a whopping 24 acres of land. Though the transparent size of the estate could rival Buckingham Palace, there was nothing traditional about the interior. Victoria designed themed rooms throughout the seven-bedroom mansion, and the couple splashed out on renovations, spending an extra £3 million. The Spice Girl reportedly wanted a very camp home, giving one room a leopard theme to rival that old zebra print den, and outfitting Brooklyn's room with a complete recreation of the night sky using £20,000 worth of fiber-optic lights.

The Beckhams lived in this grand estate for about 15 years, selling it in 2014 to multi-millionaire, Neil Utley for £11.5 million.

2001: The Beckhams Buy And Renovate An Old Barn

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Trust that this barn is, of course, more glamorous than it sounds. Back in Alderley Edge, the couple bought a five-bedroom property known as Hollinshead House for £1.25million. They invested £200,000 into renovations and lived in the converted barn as their two oldest children, Brooklyn and brother Romeo, were growing up. It is a Grade-II listed home, meaning it likely has some historical significance and must be protected. Because of this, the couple probably had to get permission to renovate the inside and outside of the barn. From pictures released of the property, it is obvious they kept the integrity of the home, retaining the rustic wooden beams, vaulted ceilings, and original exposed brick that give the place its rustic charm.

In 2005, the family of four moved out of Hollinshead House. They sold the property in 2012 for £2.25million.

2003: The Beckhams Buy A Vacation Home in Dubai

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Without the finished product to look at, the Beckhams (as well as 11 other English footballers) purchased a vacation home on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai for $1.6 million., which was slated to be finished by 2005. The villas sit on the city's famous palm-tree-shaped land formation and the Beckham's version boasts five bedrooms. Each resort-style home came with access to a 40-meter private beach and a swimming pool, and each buyer had 28 architectural styles to choose from when selecting how they wanted their villa to look. Though it is unclear which style the Beckhams chose for their vacation home, old Instagram posts show bright white concrete around the in-ground pool, beautiful archways, and open-air living spaces.

It was reported that David Beckham gifted Victoria's parents the home in 2008 after he realized that his family didn't get to spend as much time there as they had expected.

2003: The Beckhams Buy a Gorgeous French Villa

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The year 2003 was a busy one in real estate for the family! The couple spent £1.5 million on a six-bedroom mansion in the south of France, reportedly shelling out an extra £5 million on renovations to the property. The home has four bathrooms, an infinity pool, three reception rooms, and—oh, yeah—a chapel. Victoria's style touch could be seen throughout, as she chose specific color themes for specific rooms, such as a purple den.

Sadly, the family apparently didn't spend much time in this French estate, and put it on the market in 2016 for £2.4 million.

2005: The Beckhams Buy Their Madrid Mansion

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After David signed for Real Madrid in 2003, he and Victoria purchased their Madrid home for £3 million. This Tuscan-style villa came with a pool and tennis court, allowing the family to live in complete luxury as they stayed in the Spanish city. However, their glamorous Spanish life was short-lived, as the couple put the villa on the market in 2007 when David was signed to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club. The sale did not go through until 2015 though, when it sold for £4.2 million—only after £350,000 worth of renovations were completed.

2007: The Beckhams Buy Los Angeles Mansion

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The couple celebrated David's new stateside contract with a $22 million purchase. This Beverly Hills, 13,000-square-foot estate boasted an elevator, a library, and a media or music room most likely for the former Spice Girl. The home had six bedrooms and nine (yes, nine!) bathrooms, and all four of their children had a chance to live it up in the Beverly Hills mansion.

When it was time to move on, the family quickly sold the home in 2018 for $33 million without it ever being officially on put on the market.

2009: The Beckhams Buy An Apartment in Burj Khalifa

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Not much is known about the family's £5 million apartment in the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as the Beckhams tend to keep this one more private. However, it is clear that their brief stint on The Palm Jumeirah made a lasting impression for them to go back and purchase another property in Dubai.

2013: The Beckhams Buy Their London Mansion (The One with the Closet)

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This showstopper of a home was purchased for £40 million. Read that number again. After "Beckingham Palace," it's no surprise that the pair really went all in on their new home base in London. However, the mansion still apparently required £5 million worth of renovations, meaning the family couldn't move into the space until three years after purchasing it. Once it was finished in 2016, this Grade-II estate had reportedly expanded from a five-bedroom to a six-bedroom, with one of the extra bedrooms being converted into the gigantic closet and dressing room we saw in Beckham.

The opulent space has its fair share of amenities, including an indoor pool and a wine cellar, which used to be Brooklyn's own private quarters before his marriage to Nicola Peltz. But all the upgrades don't stop the property from showing wear and tear. Because of the Grade-II listing, the Holland Park mansion needs special permission to receive renovations. As recently as 2022, the home needed urgent structural repairs that required approval from the local council before the power couple could start on them.

The Beckhams still use this estate as their London base.

2016: The Beckhams Buy Their Cotswolds Estate

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One can never have too many properties, can they? In December of 2016, the couple bought a £6.15 million farmhouse in the Cotswolds. It too, is listed as Grade-II, and the pair spent a good amount of money renovating the space to their standards. The grounds received special attention, as the Beckhams worked with three-time Chelsea Flower Show winner Marcus Barnett to create a "fairytale garden" in their outdoor area. The space has an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, a football pitch, and an at-home spa. Oh, and who could forget the state-of-the-art treehouse built for the Beckham children on the grounds. Featuring string lights and a balcony surrounding a giant oak tree, it really adds to the fairy tale aesthetic of the estate.

2020: The Beckhams Buy Their Miami Penthouse

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David returned to the US not as a team member but as co-owner and president of the Inter Miami CF soccer team. For their stateside home, the pair spent the $24 million on this five-bedroom luxury condo, located in the One Hundred Museum building designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid. The penthouse has breathtaking views of the Miami skyline and Atlantic coast from the apartment's multiple terraces. Not shockingly, the home has custom-built walk-in closets, a home gym perfect for any workout routine, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, and is simply a stunning size. Of course, Victoria's favorite animal print makes an appearance in the form of zebra print cushions. The open floor-plan is sure to make the space feel even larger than it already is, perfect for the already-large family that is sure to keep growing as the other children find their spouses, and —who knows?—the Beckhams enter their grandparent years.

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