Erra Fazira is not saying no to interracial relationship

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27 Jan – Erra Fazira has no qualms at all about marrying a man of a different race if it's destined for her.

The actress, who spoke to the media at the media conference for her new movie, "Kongsi Raya", stated that she never had any issue about dating a non-Muslim or a non-Malay and had done so in the past.

"Dating someone who isn't Muslim will enable them to understand the religion more. I assume any non-Muslim who would choose to approach me is because they want to learn more about Islam," she said.

Erra also expressed happiness to be able to work with a local Chinese production in the aforementioned movie, which revolves around an interracial relationship.

"I've worked with both Malay and Indian productions, and with this production, I am impressed by the working schedule. Shooting period would always end at the right time. If only our productions do the same, we will have a much better industry," she said, adding that director Teddy Chin's own way of directing is also an inspiration.

"Kongsi Raya" stars Wilson Lee as Jack and Qasrina Karim as Sharifah, whose parents are against their relationship that it ended up with both families challenging each other to compete in a televised cooking competition. Erra plays Sharifah's mum.

The upcoming movie will be released in cinemas on 3 February.

'Kongsi Raya' will be released in the cinemas on the third day of Chinese New Year
'Kongsi Raya' will be released in the cinemas on the third day of Chinese New Year

(Photo Source: Erra Fazira Instagram)

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