Ernie Zakri releases second album after 12 years

13 Nov - Ernie Zakri is elated to finally release her second album, 12 years since her first album.

The singer, who spoke about the album, "Aura", stated that she has always dreamed of producing such a concept for her album, that is to spread positive vibe and confidence to people through her songs.

"I released my first album in 2011. My journey as an artiste from 2009 to 2015 was filled with challenges and difficulties. So, after 12 years, I came up with my second album, which I consider as a beautiful journey for myself," she said.

"I want to share this story with my fans, and the reason I sing is for them. So, it is rewarding for me to be able to present this album."

Working with great musicians like Faizal Tahir, Amylea, Helen Yap, Ezra Kong and Aubrey Suwito, Ernie said that she chose the composers and producers herself, and even wrote her own songs.

"I composed two songs, while [husband] Syamel wrote another one, titled 'Jangan Hilang Percaya'," she said, adding that the song Syamel wrote was about her own loss of faith during the early years of her career.

Syamel writes one of the songs in the new album for her
Syamel writes one of the songs in the new album for her

(Photo Source: Ernie Zakri IG)