Erin Napier Just Dropped Her Super Relatable Beauty Regimen

erin napier
Erin Napier's Beauty Regimen Is So Easy to FollowManny Carabel - Getty Images

Erin and Ben Napier are no strangers to public displays of affection on their social media. The Home Town reality stars frequently share romantic messages in the comment sections of their Instagram posts, and it's, honestly, straight-up adorable. In this latest instance of virtual PDA, we got a super relatable insight to the bestselling author's skincare regimen—and we're taking notes.

Ben shared an Instagram post of the family's recent trip to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where the couple were invited to speak onstage at the Duke Divinity School. He explained in his caption that while attending the private school had been a dream of his, he never even sent in an application, thinking that his grades weren't good enough (or, as he wrote in the caption, "I didn't work hard enough to even apply.") He did have fond memories of hanging out on campus when he was younger, alongside both his father and brother.

Ben described the opportunity to appear on a Duke stage as an honor, and lightly nudged the history department about an honorary doctorate. Can't say we blame him! True to form, he just couldn't keep himself from praising his other half in the comment section, writing: "I’d also like to comment on what an absolute knock out my wife is! Keep doin whatever you’re doin, @erinapier, it’s workin." Does it get much sweeter than that?

Erin responded to her husband's comment, promising, "i will continue eating triscuits and pickles and cheese and drinking at least two cups of water daily you have my word." Same, Erin, same! Is there a better beauty regimen than eating cheese and carbs while staying adequately hydrated? As Ben said, it's obviously working for her!

The other commenters agree, as one tagged the official Triscuit Instagram page and wrote, "I smell a new spokesperson … hint hint." While we would love to see how Erin would plate a Triscuit-centric charcuterie board, it was another reply that summed up our thoughts perfectly: "I absolutely love ya'lls love. It truly is amazing and so Inspiring to so many others. You 2 rock ❤️🔥🙌" Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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