Erik Matti excited for new horror movie, "Kuwaresma"

19 Apr – Filmmaker Erik Matti recently expressed his happiness over returning to the genre he loves the most - horror.

The director recently shared a poster of his new horror movie, "Kuwaresma" on social media, and revealed that horror was one of the genres that he absolutely loved and inspired him to become a filmmaker.

"Growing up I'd watch cowboy westerns, shaolin movies, man-on-a-mission movies and lots of horror films. From the elegant "The Changeling" to the schlocky Italian horrors to the campy Chinese ghost erotica horrors. I didn't grow up watching avant-garde European films. Any chance I have to make a horror film is always a blessing," he wrote.

And by horror, Matti stressed that he means real horror, not one of those that he described as "art films disguised as horror films".

"I always am up to the challenge to do a horror film that can get a proper terrifying reaction from the audience. Restraint is good but horror doesn't truly work entirely if it's too subtle," he said.

Matti stated that "Kuwaresma" has all the necessary ingredients for a fun horror film - from ghosts, mystery, crazy characters, and a dead dog that comes alive.

The upcoming film, starring Sharon Cuneta and John Arcilla, is set to premiere on 15 May.

(Photo Source: Erik Matti Instagram)