Eric Tsang explains video of him kissing a model

4 Oct – Eric Tsang recently addressed the controversial video of him kissing a model that went viral online, saying that there was nothing fishy about it.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB producer, who spoke to the media at the finals for the reality show, "STARS Academy 2" recently, stated that he doesn't know the woman that he kissed and was only being "polite".

"It's no big deal... That night, I was at a friend's gathering for caviar taste testing. After we were done, someone we knew said, 'It's my friend's birthday. Her wish is that you help sing happy birthday and cut the birthday cake with her'," he said.

The video of Eric kissing the model went viral
The video of Eric kissing the model went viral

Eric stated that he was being polite when he went over and sang happy birthday with the other guests, and proceeded to kiss the model's cheeks afterwards.

"I don't really think it was a big deal. When I woke up this morning, a lot of people called me. I thought it was something serious, but it turns out it was only this. So, I had to come out and explain," he added.

Eric stated that it's a normal thing for an artist to get such requests from others, and that it should not be made into such a big deal.

It was back on 30 September that a Malaysian model named Lebara posted a video from her birthday party in Hong Kong, in which Eric is seen singing along with the other guests and proceeded to give her a kiss.

She wrote, "I get to blow out the candle with the Prize Master this year and he wished me a happy birthday. My wish this year is for world peace, and let there be no hatred.

(Photo Source: Mingpao, UDN)