Michael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders: It’s Time To “Crush” Trump

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Michael Moore officially threw his support behind Bernie Sanders Saturday, saying the Vermont senator can “crush” President Trump at the polls.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker joined freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) at Sanders’ “Bernie Is Back!” rally in Queens, New York. It was the 2020 presidential candidate’s first big campaign event since he suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

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Moore told the crowd that age and health are not factors for Sanders (I-VT). Instead, the Sicko director blamed political pundits and the media for making the 78-year-old politician’s age an issue by recycling tired “tropes.”

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“They are doing everything they can to throw everything they can come up with, to get people to think differently about Bernie,” Moore told the massive crowd. “So what do they say? Bernie’s too old.”

“Yeah. Well, here’s what’s too old,” he continued. “The electoral college is too old. That’s what’s too old. A $7.25 minimum wage, that’s too old. Women not being paid the same as men, that’s too old. Thousands and thousands of dollars of student debt. What is that? Too old.”

Moore went on to say Sanders’ age and experience are benefits.

“It’s actually a gift that we have a 78-year-old American running for president of the United States,” the left-leaning director stated. “Bernie has seen the things many of us have never seen — a pay raise! How about that?”

After the crowd erupted in laughter, Moore added, “A 78-year-old knows what a pension is. Remember that? Look it up. A 78-year-old knows what it looks like to defeat fascism and white supremacy.”

Moore then told attendees it’s time to dump President Trump.

“We need to not only crush Trump at the polls, afterwards, we aim to fix this rotten, corrupt, economic system that gave us Donald Trump,” he said.

The director also endorsed Sanders in the race for the White House in 2016.

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