'Emily In Paris' S02: Know what's coming for Emily Cooper

22 Aug 2021: 'Emily In Paris' S02: Know what's coming for Emily Cooper

Despite Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) trying hard to fit into the Paris culture in Emily In Paris, she fails each time. But, in the coming season, she will be no longer new to the city. Darren Star's show got confirmed for a second season last November and wrapped its filming on August 4, 2021, leaving many to wonder about the future storyline. Let's unwrap.

Past Life: Season 2 may dive into Emily's family life

Until now, there hasn't been any talk of Emily's family. We explored her Paris stint, but there's much to tell about her Chicago life. Juggling with a new career, love life, and friendship, Emily left behind her family somewhere. Collins told Deadline, "Now that we've seen her with all these 'Parisisms,' maybe we get to actually get to a bit more of her backstory."

New Faces: Getting more of backstory means seeing more of new faces

Past life will bring new faces to the screen. So, some new ones might join the cast as well. Netflix confirms Jeremy O Harris has joined the second season as an iconic fashion designer. While Lucien Laviscount joins as Alfie, a Brit who will soon get under Emily's skin, and Arnaud Binard will guest star as a party boy in the second season.

Love Life: Will Emily spark a love interest in Laviscount's character Alfie?

Alfie's character is described as someone who is a "sarcastic charmer." He refuses to adjust and accept French culture and tries to enhance his English-speaking attitude without delving into the fear of being judged. Alfie's character seems to be the perfect fit for Emily, who still is struggling hard to fit in with the French people. Together, they might grow their cultural bond.

Breakthrough: Will Emily get a breakthrough in her French marketing firm?

She might! Keeping aside all the personal and emotional struggles, Emily works hard on her professional life. And, that might lead her to attain success ahead. In season two, Emily will be "more of a resident of the city." Indeed, unlike the first season, she will face less struggle. And, that could probably lead her to focus more on her career.

Love Triangle: Season 2 will be more 'open-minded' in terms of relationships

Emily has several men circling around her. Now a lady joins in. Last season left us with a love triangle between Emily, Gabriel, and his girlfriend Camille, making everyone wonder whether Camille and Emily will bring the queer angle to the show. Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) says, "I think Darren wants this second season to be really open-minded." But, let's wait for the real deal!

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