Ellie Suriaty's children refuse COVID vaccine, lodge police report

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3 Sep – Two teenage boys and a girl, two of which are the son and daughter of actress Ellie Suriaty, recently lodged a police report to stress their right to refuse the government's vaccination on students.

17-year-old Azrell Omar and 12-year-old Nur Azreen Omar, who are Ellie's children with fellow actor Azri Iskandar, made an appearance at the Ampang police station alongside another friend, accompanied by the actress as they spoke about their intention.

"What happens to me after receiving the vaccine is at my own risk. Therefore, I have the right to refuse to be the subject of an experiment by being vaccinated. I am a physically fit student and am not willing to take any risks that could harm my body through the injection of this vaccine which is still in the clinical trial stage," said Azrell.

"I am not willing to risk my life for this clinical trial because there are various methods to prevent COVID-19, namely through holistic homeopathic medicine, sunnah food that my family practices to prevent the transmission of Covid-19," he said.

The three children showed the copies of the police report
The three children showed the copies of the police report

Azrell said that he made the decision after receiving a form from his teacher to get the vaccine two weeks ago.

"In the form, we (students) were told that no one would be held responsible in the event of implications as a result of taking the vaccine. So far, they have not informed that further action will be taken if we do not take the vaccine," he said, adding that all his family members have not taken the vaccine so far.

He also stressed that he was not influenced by anybody in his decision to make the report, stating that he had done his own research based on the information he obtained from the internet.

(Photo Source: i-Hiburan, Myartis)

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