Eliza Sam discusses acting roles with husband

17 Feb - Now that she is married, Eliza Sam admitted that she prefers to discuss her drama projects with her husband before doing them.

As reported on Mingpao News, the newlywed star, who appeared at the press conference of her upcoming drama, "Heart of Greed 3", shared that she and husband Joshua have previously agreed that they will respect each other when it comes to their career.

However, Eliza said she would still prefer sharing information about her drama project with Joshua first before doing it, adding, "If there is any intimate scenes, I would rather he learned about it from me first."

As for her character in the drama, Eliza said that she and Vincent Wong would be playing some sort of a modern Romeo and Juliet.

"Our characters would fall in love with each other but can't do anything because of the conflict between our two families," she said.

The actress revealed that they will soon travel to Portugal for some of the scenes involving her and Vincent's characters.

As for working with senior stars like Ha Yu and Louise Lee in the drama, Eliza admitted that she is nervous about performing with such respected actors, but will take this opportunity to learn more from them.

(Photo Source: Eliza Sam Instagram)