Elderly owner of Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum reopens after fall in Dec 2022

Sometimes, sad endings do get their deserved sequel. Closed in Dec 2022 due to the owner’s lengthy recovery from a fall, Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum re-opened mid Aug 2023 at the same location – Tampines Block 419. It gained fame for serving affordable high-quality dim sum made by a former restaurant chef.

Ho Yun Dim Sum reopens - New banner

The stall has taken on a slightly different name – Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Sunrise, perhaps as a nod to the owner’s return. Regular patrons from before might notice the omission of some items from the new menu on display.

Ho Yun reopens - Dim Sum on display

According to AsiaOne, the owner’s daughter shared that the decision to re-open did not come without necessary changes. Traditional dim sum prepared with a bamboo steamer had to be dropped as they were too tiring and tedious to make. Ho Yun Dim Sum’s streamlined menu also allows both him and his wife to re-acclimatise to running the stall.

Ho Yun reopens - Century Egg porridge
Ho Yun reopens - Century Egg porridge

Thankfully, a number of their deep-fried dim sum, Cheong Fun (S$3.50), and Century Egg Lean Pork Porridge (S$3.50) remain on the menu. Newer items like HK STYLE Assorted Instant Noodle (Soup) (S$4.50) and Luncheon Meat and Egg Macaroni (Soup) (S$4) have been added as well.

While the owner has not yet fully recovered, his daughter mentioned that he was “getting bored at home” and “doesn’t want to be a salaried worker”, and this led to the former chef making a comeback in Aug with his helper wife.

I’m sure former regulars and dim sum lovers alike are happy to see this humble stall back in action again. Here’s hoping they might even bring back those steamed delights.

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