Elaine Yiu wants to try her hand at stage production

13 Jan – Inspired by good friend Mandy Wong's recent theatrical performance, Elaine Yiu expressed her interest to make her stage debut as well.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the Lyrics Theatre at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts alongside pals Myolie Wu, and Selena Lee, shared that she has had experience performing small-scale dramas prior to her showbiz debut, though she has forgotten what roles she played.


"Myolie and Mandy have both done stage plays, and so has Nancy [Wu]. I would also like to try a different area of performance like this," she said.


Elaine also stated that it would also be great if she and her group of female friends could do it together.


"Mandy and Paisley [Hu] can play spicy characters, and Nancy can do the charming but delicate woman," she said.


To that, Myolie chimed in, "I want to play the girl, since I am no longer a girl."


Myolie was previously involved in the production of "I Have a Date with Spring", while Nancy played a role in Steven Ma's "By Chance: Xu Zhimo".


(Photo Source: Mandy Wong Instagram)