Edwin Siu doesn't want to sacrifice wife's career for baby

10 Feb – Although 2020 will mark their third year of marriage, Edwin Siu recently admitted that he and wife Priscilla Wong have yet to make plans to grow their family.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who was asked about their baby plans in an interview to promote his series "Of Greed and Ants", stated that the two of them are not like other normal couples who could easily make plans when it comes to having children.

"If we want to have a baby now, Priscilla has to give up all her work. But I can see that she still has that fire in her and it would be selfish for me to want her to be pregnant with my child now," he said.

Edwin said that he would like for his wife to have a breakthrough and satisfaction in her career first before discussing the next step in their lives.

"We're open minded in this regard. I still want her to prioritise her work. The wife comes first. Even if you want to have a baby, you cannot be selfish," said the actor.

(Photo Source: Priscilla Wong Instagram)