Edward Crutchley RTW Spring 2024

With the St. Cyprian’s Church in Marylebone as the backdrop, the contrast between the rebellious spirit in the clothes and the holiness of the building created an interesting energy for Edward Crutchley’s spring 2024 collection.

The collection featured retro sportswear stables and sleek tailoring in monochromatic medieval prints, such as quartering, harlequin patterns and stripes, as well as tank tops, shirts and suits in the print of an AI-generated topless muscle man, which Crutchley liked because it won’t create any copyright issue. He also offered several cute animal backpacks to lighten up the black-and-white mood.

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“This collection includes everything that I think is right for now. It’s a continuation of last season. I’m still thinking about this medieval influence, but also something a bit sporty, a little bit like a ’90s school uniform. I also find AI really fascinating. I’m thinking of ways that I can integrate that within my process rather than relying on them,” the designer said backstage.

The show closed with three latex looks designed in collaboration with Oliver Haus, a design student who just graduated from London Metropolitan University.

“I saw his graduate show and I thought it was really good and the skill involved in it is extraordinary,” said Crutchley, who has been working alongside Kim Jones on textile development at Louis Vuitton Men and Dior Men for more than a decade.

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Launch Gallery: Edward Crutchley RTW Spring 2024

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