Edward Barber won't rush romance with Maymay Entrata

2 May – Kapamilya actor Edward Barber has no intention to rush things with his onscreen partner Maymay Entrata, even if the fans are urging them to be romantic partners in real life as well.

As reported PEP, the actor, who spoke about the real score between him and Entrata, stated that he learned from his time on "Pinoy Big Brother" to take things slow and not dive into something willy-nilly.

"I don't want to think too much about people telling us, 'You guys are a love team, you should get together!'. The best thing in the world, the best you should love are things that you gain slowly," he said.

Barber added that he learned from a lot of his seniors and friends he met in the industry that a relationship is more beautiful if they started off with friendship.

"That's when you know someone deeply. Of course, when you are in a relationship, you show your best side to the other person. So, let's just start from friendship, and we go from there," he said.

(Photo Source: Edward Barber Instagram)