Edward Barber addresses bashers rejoicing at ABS-CBN shutdown

Heidi Hsia

15 Jul – Edward Barber has recently expressed his thoughts about bashers and critics who are rejoining over ABS-CBN's failure to get its franchise renewed.

On 14 July, the Kapamilya actor posted a message on Instagram, which read, "I'm seeing a lot of people laughing and happy about what happened to ABS-CBN. And at the end of the day, if you want to smile at the pain of others, God bless you. Go ahead."

"But think of this. What if your mother had to come home and explain to you that she no longer had a job during a worldwide pandemic? What if your father, or sibling, or son, came home and said that he and 11,000 other people lost their jobs in the blink of an eye?" he wrote.

Barber stated that the only reason these people are laughing is because they are not affected by the shutdown, instead of thinking about the 11,000 employees whose jobs are now at risk.

But unlike the bashers, the actor stated that the ABS-CBN family will never stoop so low.

"We will never laugh at the suffering of others. We stay as one family, regardless what happens. We won't be silent. We will rise again. And the next time something happens to you, the person laughing at us now... don't worry, we will try to help you. Because we will forever be - in service of the Filipino," he added.

(Photo Source: Edward Barber Instagram)