Where to eat salt baked chicken in Singapore

Nurul Azliah
·Senior Lifestyle Reporter
Where to eat salt baked chicken in Singapore (Photo: Kampong 18 Express)
Where to eat salt baked chicken in Singapore (Photo: Kampong 18 Express)

There’s much to love about salt baked chicken. While the dish isn’t as popular as other foods in Singapore such as chilli crab or bak kut teh, salt baked chicken has many delicious qualities.

Contrary to its name, there’s nothing overwhelmingly salty about the dish, which is prepared by coating the chicken with salt and baking it in the oven. It is, in fact, a more succulent sibling to roasted chicken and still tastes juicy when eaten the next day.

One of the best salt baked chicken shops in Singapore can be found along East Coast Road, just across from I12 Katong Mall. However, the 56-year-old Chakey’s Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken, which was once a household name, will be closing its shutters for good on 31 December. According to Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday (27 December), the owner, Richard Chak, will be retiring after he had a heart attack just six months ago.

While loyal fans mourn the loss of another heritage F&B name, here are other places in Singapore that sell this somewhat rare dish:

Lam’s Kitchen

Having been around since 1975, this family enterprise triumphs on its signature Salt Baked Kampung Chicken, which is baked using Australian coarse sea salt. Customers can enjoy a plate with rice at $6 each.

There are six outlets in Singapore, with one of them located close to the soon-to-be defunct Chakey’s. They are located at Bukit Batok Central Link, 460 Race Course Road, Marina Square, ION Orchard and Parkway Parade. Other notable dishes to try include abalone noodles ($6.80) and HK-style beef brisket rice at $7.80.

First Class Taste

First Class Taste is visibly located on the ground level of People’s Park Complex, near Chinatown MRT Station. Their chickens are marinated with Dang Gui – or female ginseng – and Chinese wines before they are wrapped, covered with sea salt and baked. Each whole chicken is priced at $19.90.

If you prefer to eat only certain parts of the chicken instead of whole, you can opt for salt baked chicken gizzard, leg, feet or wings. There’s even a mala-flavoured salt baked chicken on the menu.

Kampong 18 Express

Located at the Focaccia Cafe at Ayer Rajah Community Club, this halal food joint offers salt baked chicken cooked with or without Dang Gui. A whole chicken is priced at $24 and serves four to six people.

If you prefer to have your salt baked chicken served fresh in the comfort of your own home, Kampong 18 Express offers ready-to-cook frozen salt baked chickens, too. But if you’d like to try making it on your own, the guys from The Meatmen do a pretty good job in this video:

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