'Don't Look Up' trailer: Comet approaching, world ending, governments laughing

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09 Sep 2021: 'Don't Look Up' trailer: Comet approaching, world ending, governments laughing

Netflix has finally released the much-awaited trailer of Don't Look Up, which shows how lightly the governments and authorities take "the world is ending" warnings and meetings. The 1:05 minute long teaser features many members of the film's ensemble cast such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep and Ariana Grade among others. So many Academy Award winners in one frame!

Details: Dr. Randall Mindy is having a nervous breakdown

The teaser begins with DiCaprio's Dr. Randall Mindy, an astronomer, panting in a washroom, as if he has had an asthma or a panic attack. After a while, it cuts to Lawrence's Dr. Kate Dibiasky, also an astronomer, which shows her stunned after noticing something on a screen. We're again taken to Mindy's nervous breakdown scene, and then we see them inside a flight.

Fact: Watch the trailer here

Breakdown: We see glimpses of other actors in the trailer

In between the intervening title cards that show the director's name and other such details, we see footage of destruction, and glimpses of other actors. For example, a long-haired Timothée Chalamet as Quentin appears, and then we see Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee and Tyler Perry as Jack Bremmer inside a newsroom type set-up. Mindy's attack, as it is progressing, is shown as well.

Observation: Will affect entire planet, warns Mindy to a disinterested President

"Your breathing is stressing me out," says Hill, who plays Jason Orlean, President Orlean's son and Chief of Staff. "This will affect the entire planet," says Mindy, while the trailer cuts to Streep (President Janie Orlean), who has clear disinterest written on her face. "I know, but, it's like, so stressful," Hill continues, annoying Mindy and Dibiasky. The trailer further shows Grande's Riley Bina.

Fact: Netflix also shared 'a closer look' at the characters

Dates: The film hits Netflix a day before Christmas

Dibiasky tries to warn about an incoming comet that will destroy the world, and the Orleans laugh it off, with Jason calling such meetings "so boring." Oscar winner Adam McKay is the director, screenwriter and producer of the film, which hits Netflix on December 24. It will also release in select theaters 14 days prior. Hyperobject Industries and Bluegrass Films are backing the project.

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