Donny Pangilinan on Belle Mariano: We're in a happy place

24 Jan – Rather than confirm or deny the rumours of a real-life romance between his onscreen partner, Belle Mariano and himself, Donny Pangilinan recently gave a safe answer about his relationship with her.

"Belle and I are in a happy place right now," he said, in an interview with Karen Davila on the latter's YouTube channel.

"We're very grateful for our situation and blessed to be an inspiration to people, hopefully. We're blessed to be having these projects together," he added.

It is noted that the DonBell tandem is one of the currently popular love team, with the two stars working together in teen romantic-comedies like "He's Into Her" and "Love is Color Blind".

Donny with Karen Davila
Donny with Karen Davila

Donny admitted that he likes several things about Belle, which enabled the two of them to remain close to one another.

"She's herself. Sometimes, to a fault, but in a good way. She separates herself, goes with what she thinks, and doesn't care about what other people say. I really admire that about her, she doesn't let anyone affect her, and she's very focused," he expressed.

The actor added that he can just be himself when he is around the actress, saying that it is always "chill" whenever they are together.

"Belle is so talented. She has so much ahead of her and I'm just so happy that I get to witness this journey with her," he enthused.

The two show off chemistry in 'Love is Color Blind'
The two show off chemistry in 'Love is Color Blind'

(Photo Source: Donny Pangilinan Instagram, Belle Mariano Instagram, Karen Davila Instagram)

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