Donnie Yen in Singapore for Ip Man 4 gala premiere

Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen is in Singapore to promote the fourth and last Ip Man film, Ip Man 4: The Finale.

Yen was at Our Tampines Hub on Monday (9 Dec), where 5,000 fans greeted him. He was there to unveil the Ip Man Pavilion, an exhibition featuring iconic scenes from the first three Ip Man films.

The Ip Man Pavilion will be on display until 6 Jan 2020.

The exhibits include the classic tabletop sparring scene between Yen and Sammo Hung's characters in Ip Man 2.

The Ip Man Pavilion will also feature a 3D optical illusion and Ip Man's living room, complete with the wooden dummy and other props.

In Ip Man 4: The Finale, Yen's character, Ip Man, travels to the US and fights racism.

Yen has said that Ip Man 4 will be his last kungfu film.

The action star will be at Shaw Theatres Lido tonight to meet more fans before the film's gala premiere.

Ip Man 4 opens to the public on 20 Dec. Advance sales of tickets for the film begin on Thursday (12 Dec) at 10am.