Donnie Yen gets no pay for Jet Li's project

Heidi Hsia

8 Nov – Martial arts actor Donnie Yen recently revealed that he has already completed filming his part for the Jet Li-Jack Ma project, "Gong Shoudao".

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the press conference of the upcoming Macau International Film Festival, shared that he was approached by both Li and Ma to do the short film together, and that he quickly said yes when told that the movie is made to promote Chinese martial arts and culture.

"The first day of filming was actually the 14th anniversary of my marriage. My wife and I decided to forgo any celebration because of the project. But we were surprised when the studio prepared a big surprise party for us," he said.

Donnie also revealed that he didn't take any salary for the project, which he filmed in only two days.

"Friendship is not measured with money," he added.

Other stars who are involved in the project include martial arts actor-choreographer Sammo Hung, "Wolf Warrior 2" star Wu Jing, and Thai's top star Tony Jaa.

On the other hand, when mentioned that filmmaker John Woo is interested to work with him in the future, Donnie said that he would welcome a cooperation with open hands.

"I consider Woo my senior. I hope to learn a lot from him if given the opportunity to do so," he said.

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Facebook)