DOLLA's Syasya to fly abroad with husband after Eid Al-Adha

17 May - Rozie Othman recently revealed that her granddaughter Syasya Rizal, who is the former member of DOLLA, will be moving overseas alongside husband Nasrullah soon.

The actress, who was asked about Syasya's well-being recently, shared that the family is currently busy preparing for the singer's wedding reception that will be held on 8 June, where relatives, friends, and even celebrity acquaintances will be invited.

"She has also made her decision to follow her husband, who will be pursuing his studies overseas. They will be leaving the country after the Eid Al-Adha," she said, adding that they will be living overseas for two to three years.

At the same time, Rozie, who once expressed worry over Syasya's past sexy image, said that she did feel disappointed that her granddaughter has decided to withdraw from her music career.

"When she wanted to be an artiste, I advised her to focus on her studies first. Now that she is popular and has also found fame in China, and has signed a contract, suddenly she decided to withdraw from her career," she said.

Nonetheless, the actress admitted that she is still happy that Syasya has decided to change her image following her marriage.

Syasya tied the knot with her husband last month
Syasya tied the knot with her husband last month

(Photo Source: Syasya Rizal IG)