DJ Axonn Dominates the Music Industry With His Quirky and Upbeat Tunes, Reveals How He Tackles Competition

There has been a massive evolution in upbeat music among all party lovers, and it has given a platform to various DJs to showcase their skills. One name who has left a mark on the audience is Rajat Mahajan aka DJ Axonn. Coming from an engineering background, he started his career in 2010 by performing at clubs and events. With humble beginnings, he then moved to perform at campus shows after which the versatile DJ started releasing his mixes on YouTube.

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One of the massive hits of DJ Axonn is the remix of the evergreen song ‘Janu Meri Jaan’ that has clocked more than 13 million views. Innovative, cutting-edge and aggressive are a few traits that describe him the best. He is not just known for playing quirky music mixes, but also for uniquely creating them. When you are on the dance floor, expect this talented lad to fill any individual with immense energy and make the event a remarkable experience.

Hailing from Amristar, Punjab, DJ Axonn is currently based in Mumbai. Along with making originals and mixes of chartbuster songs, he holds expertise in producing the songs. And that’s what makes him a star performer at any event or a party. The supremely talented artist till now has performed at the finest destinations like Goa, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Silchar, Dimapur, Delhi, Bangalore, Thailand and Malaysia.

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Among other prestigious gigs, the One Republic Band India Tour remains one of his most cherished moments. The undying passion he has for music has seen him attract crowds at an unprecedented rate. Even during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, DJ Axonn has entertained the audience through virtual events and his unique mixes of superhit songs. A majority of the mixes created by him of the 90s Bollywood songs, Punjabi hits or the latest tracks have a modern touch of the quirky beats and tunes.

When asked how he stays relevant in this cut-throat competition, DJ Axonn said, “I believe in mastering my art and improving it day after day. My focus has always been on me and I feel that I have improved my skills in the last few years. In a time where everyone follows trends, I love to create them.” Giving a unique experience of music has seen DJ Axonn leaving his footprints at several music festivals including the Sunburn campus shows and Timeout gigs across India. Continuing this phenomenal work, the multi-faceted DJ has captivated the attention of many people globally.