Disney+ has edited out Daryl Hannah's bum in 'Splash' with some terrible CGI

Ben Arnold
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Mermaids are scantily clad at the best of times, meaning that trying to censor mermaid movie Splash was always going to be a big ask.

Nonetheless, with the classic “fish out of water” romance now on Disney+, it appears that the Mouse House was keen to make the movie a tad more Universal than PG.

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As such, it's using an edited cut of the film, in which one scene has employed CGI to cover Daryl Hannah's bum as she head's back into the sea.

But sadly it’s more Cousin Itt than Avatar.

Splash (Credit: Touchstone Pictures)
Splash (Credit: Touchstone Pictures)

The 1984 movie found Tom Hanks' fruit and veg wholesaler Allen Bauer falling in love with Hannah's mermaid, Madison.

A second scene, with Madison nude at the Statue of Liberty has also been (rather clumsily) airbrushed too.

Splash (Credit: Touchstone Pictures)
Splash (Credit: Touchstone Pictures)

Thanks to such flashes of flesh, the movie was released as a PG at the time.

IMDb reads: “There are many scenes of nudity in this movie, mostly female, but in one case male as well. This movie nevertheless gets a PG rating because the nudity is all non-sexual nudity, and it is all essential to the plot. All parts of the body are visible at one point or another except for pubic areas or genitalia, which we never see clearly.”

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Indeed, the newly-launched Disney platform pre-warns: “This film has been modified from its original version. It has been edited for content.”

It's not the only content that Disney has been reconsidered for release on its streaming platform.

The controversial “Jim Crow” scene in the original Dumbo has been removed, as has an off-colour “casting couch” joke from Toy Story 2.

Meanwhile, the We Are Siamese song from Lady And The Tramp is missing from the live-action remake, with another song replacing it.