Dilraba Dilmurat to star in "Mr Pride vs. Miss Prejudice"

7 Apr - 2017 seems to be a good year for Uyghur actress Dilraba Dilmurat. Not only is she replacing Angelababy as the sole female member in the latest season of the popular reality show, "Hurry Up", she is also soon to make her debut as a movie's leading lady.

As reported on China Org, the 24-year-old actress stars in "Ao Jian & Pian Jian", also known as "Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice", as an online novelist whose encounter with an heir of a wealthy family business starts a series of romantic incidents.

The upcoming movie also co-stars "Les Interpretes" actors Leon Zhang and Vengo Gao.

Although Dilraba was already a well-known actress since the broadcast of her TV series, "Anarhan" in 2013, it was her performance as nine-tailed red fox Bai Fengjiu in "Eternal Love" that shot her to fame in mainland China.

Aside from "Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice", she will also be seen in the upcoming movie, "21 Diamonds" and the drama, "The King's Woman".

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