Did You Spot These Filming Mistakes In Netflix's 'One Day'?

emma and dexter one day
All The Mistakes In Netflix's 'One Day' SeriesTeddy Cavendish/Netflix - Netflix

By now you've likely watched One Day for a second time, read all about Leo Woodall’s 'nepo baby' background, attempted to decipher whether there will be a sequel, and learnt where the cast went to university in real life. But we're here to break it to you that there remain several topics still yet to be discussed about the hit Netflix show.

As many fans will know, the David Nicholls-based rom-com spans over three decades - 1980s-2010s - and naturally there are intentional differences in episodes to portray the various time periods. For example, clothing, price costs and building structures are quite wide ranging in order to give viewers an accurate depiction of the varying eras.


However, eagle-eyed fans of the show have noticed a few inaccuracies which appear to contradict the series' timeline, and have taken to Twitter to point these out. Ranging from minor mistakes to pretty big blunders, we've lined up the 'mistakes' from One Day.

Triton Tower and Osnaburgh Street

During the third episode of the series, both Dexter and Emma are sat together on Primrose Hill, having a picnic in 1990. As the camera pans to a wider view of the city, the episode includes Triton Tower and Osnaburgh Street. However, the tower was not built until 2012 and the latter, which includes a 20-storey residential building, wasn't constructed until 2009.

Emma's Car

In the eighth episode, we're shown the storyline of Emma's brief fling with the headteacher/boss of her school. There are a few scenes that show the car she drives - a Ford Mondeo MK2 - which wasn't actually in existence until 2000. This point of the show is meant to be set in 1995.

The Cost Of Food

It's 1992 and while Dexter and Emma are deciding what to eat at a restaurant in London, a specials board shows meal prices that are far too high, according to some fans. The sign displays a fillet steak for £28 and salmon for £22 which, for that time, would have actually cost around £13 and £8, respectively.


Considering that much of the show is set in the Nineties, one of the biggest mistakes is the clothing, which doesn't appear to fit the era of the decade. While many fans thought Dexter's outfits were generally spot on, a lot of viewers were left a little unimpressed with how Emma's overall styling was too modern.

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